How To Be A Tourist In Your Own City

How To Be A Tourist In Your Own City

When it comes to adding adventure to your life, there’s this thought that it has to take a lot of money and that you have to go far to do so. As a lifestyle and travel blogger, I’ve been around the world discovering new places, people and cultures, and it was amazing how much I knew about everywhere else, except the very city I was living in. I decided that I would take some time learn about my city and dive into my own backyard for some fun. You’ll be surprised to learn how much you don’t know about what’s happening right in your area, as it’s easy to overlook when you are in your everyday routine. There were 5 key things I did to become a tourist in my own city, which changed my perspective and helped me to appreciate the beauty that was around me, and I’m going to share them with you.

Here are 5 fun ways you can be a tourist in your own city.

Book a staycation

We usually miss out on some of the best hotels in our area because we have the comfort of home. You can shake things up by booking a night or two at one of the top hotels or a unique bed & breakfast in the area. It’s a great way to relax and have little to no immediate responsibilities for some time. Watch your favorite movie in bed, run a hot bubble bath, read a book on the balcony or even enjoy a walk around the hotel. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll get you out of the norm and in vacation mode without going far.

Go to touristy locations

As locals, it’s easy to try and avoid the tourist areas, but that also means missing out on a lot of the fun and action happening right in your own city. Take a day to go downtown, visit the amusement parks or check out any festivals going on. Don’t worry about the lines, wait times or traffic. Take in the beauty of the city and enjoy being in the moment with hundreds of others doing the same.

Book a tour to discover your city’s history

It’s one thing to know the name of the building downtown, it’s another to know it’s history and the purpose of it being there. Booking a tour doesn’t have to be only for out of town guests, it’s a great way to discover those hidden gems that you may drive past every day, yet don’t pay much attention to. You’ll learn more of your city’s rich history and what unique things it has to offer.

Dine at a hot spot

Something as simple as dining at a new restaurant can add more adventure to your life. Save the low key restaurant where you know the entire staff for later, and book a reservation at a hot spot in town. Order something you’ve never had before or pause the diet for a night by treating yourself to some dessert. It’s a great way to experience something new without breaking the bank.

Get lost in your city

Sometimes you need a break from your everyday routine. Instead of taking your normal way home, choose to go off the beaten path. Go to new areas in the city that you don’t frequent and take an evening drive or stroll to site see. It’s a great way to relieve stress, rejuvenate and discover new and exciting things.

Living her dream life since her late teens, Ariana Pierce is a relatable, inspirational role model who has created her incredible entrepreneurial story of inspirational lifestyle products, blogs and events. She leads six hugely successful businesses including the well-known nail polish company,, thriving online accessories company,, and a busy publishing businessPierce motivates thousands to grow their businesses, change up their lifestyles, and create incredible futures with her lively, straightforward and actionable recommendations. Keep up with her at

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