How To Start Your Art Collection

How To Start Your Art Collection

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

I love art and how it feeds the soul…and how it allows ourselves to lose and find ourselves. I started small with my art collection and that one darling piece has given me so much life. It has survived marriages, moving homes and other milestones of life. My art makes me super happy and it got me hooked on getting more.

Getting started with your art collection doesn’t have to be a stuffy task where you find yourself at Sotheby’s, paddle in hand, ascot at the neck. Unless that’s what you’ve always wanted to do! It can be about browsing a local art fair during a relaxing spring weekend—in Spain or in your own neighborhood—where you casually browse the works of a variety of artists set up in tents!

Like any Diva project, you need to examine your art goals. Do you want to begin collecting an up-and-coming artist who is expected to have some value attached to her work in the near future? Meaning, are you collecting for future wealth and value? If you are, great. Get your research on, and start perusing the trades and galleries to see who they’re showing and who they are buzzing about. Be on the lookout for what you want in contemporary, modern, fine art and beyond. Set your sights on a favorite piece and be overjoyed when the time comes for you to buy it.

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Cheryl Grace is the sassy aunt, best friend, and mentor you’ve always needed in your life. The successful jet-setting, global corporate executive founded the aspirational lifestyle brand Powerful Penny LLC. Her products, workshops and speeches probe, inspire and empower to ensure those who really want to can get to their next level of best. Her blogs on careers, prosperity, relationships, family, looking and living fabulously, and living a five-star life can be found at

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