Is Collaboration Really The New Competition?

Is Collaboration Really The New Competition?

As you scroll through your Instagram feed you see inspirational quotes, followers making “boss” moves, and lots of talk about connecting with others. Everybody is on a mission to be in the winner’s circle – and we all can! Collaboration seems to be the new competition, but like everything else, it takes work. Usually these terms are seen as an either/or situation but with  healthy competition and a thorough team, great things can be achieved by everyone involved. Collaborating with others gives opportunities and lessons, so I decide to share some tips on collaboration and healthy competition:

Do your Research

Just because you think someone is poppin’ is not a good enough reason to collaborate with them. I can’t stress this enough, make sure you do your research! Before approaching someone to collaborate, or when the approach you, make sure you know what they are about business-wise. Are they hard workers? Do they have the skills to execute? Are they good at communicating? All these things are very important when you decide to align your reputation with someone else’s.

Find People that Challenge You

Competition can be healthy when you connect with the right person or group of people. When you decide you are willing to collaborate, find a group or person that will help you provoke thought, remove you from your comfort zone and challenge you when it makes you uncomfortable. Challenges yield growth personally and professionally. If you keep this in mind, you will not only become a well-rounded collaborator, but your reputation will precede you.

Drop your Ego

Which brings me to dropping your ego! Ego and cockiness belong nowhere near coloration. As a creative or someone who is simply proud of their work and services, it will not benefit anyone if you are not willing to adjust different things. Stay open minded, understand it will be a process and don’t be afraid to fail – as long as you always try again.

Know your End Goal

There is no reason for you to work with anyone if there aren’t similar goals. Always make sure you are aligned on the end goal. The collaboration process should put both of you in a better position than what you started in.That can be resources, connections, jobs, or simply helping others.

Have a Winner’s mindset

Really, collaboration over competition means to have a winner’s mindset. Meaning everybody can win if we all work together. Winners know that commitment, passion and collaboration are necessary keys to success.



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