Is Flying First Class Always Worth The Extra Cash?

Is Flying First Class Always Worth The Extra Cash?

In October 2017, the NAACP issued a travel advisory warning passengers about “a pattern of disturbing incidents reported by African-American passengers, specific to American Airlines.” As a road warrior, this got me thinking…I spend a LOT of time in the air, fluctuating on average between Executive Platinum and Platinum levels. I’ve been an American girl for thirteen years, but as long as the travel advisory is in place, I will fly my happy behind on another airline.

Uncomfortable going with a different airline? Absolutely! It’s painful as heck being a nobody on somebody’s plane. But as Divas, if we are truly expected to use our consumer power for good—and we are; see the Diva Code of Ethics and Behaviors Handbook, section B—then sometimes we have to make uncomfortable alterations to our lifestyle in order to improve said lifestyle. But all of this re-evaluation made me take a second look at first-class flying.

None of us likes to be crammed into a row of three and given a cup of liquid to drink. (My two hundred dollars plus ticket doesn’t even warrant some airlines giving me the actual CAN! What is up with that?) First class and business class would seem to be the natural remedy for this unhappiness, but let’s hold our horses a bit ‘cause actually … they may not always be the best choice!

If you’re flying regionally or less than 1.5 hours on a domestic flight, first class really isn’t worth it in my opinion. Many don’t offer a full meal, but rather offer an upgraded snack. And sorry, but a bag of organic chips is NOT worth the extra moolah (even if your company is paying for it), and I can stand having my legs pressed into my chest for a mere 45-90 minutes. Some of those shorter flights don’t even offer first class, while others present themselves as first class with only a solitary curtain (not leg room) highlighting the difference.  Save the money (around $200+) and spend it on lounge access, priority boarding, or perhaps valet parking, if you don’t already have those perks.

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Cheryl Grace is the sassy aunt, best friend, and mentor you’ve always needed in your life. The successful jet-setting, global corporate executive founded the aspirational lifestyle brand Powerful Penny LLC. Her products, workshops and speeches probe, inspire and empower to ensure those who really want to can get to their next level of best. Her blogs on careers, prosperity, relationships, family, looking and living fabulously, and living a five-star life can be found at

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