The Key Perks of Working for a Small Business or Start-Up

The Key Perks of Working for a Small Business or Start-Up

People manage to become entrepreneurs at a rapid pace these days which means start-ups are booming every which way. With that said its a wonder who stands behind these overnight brands with reputable success – it could well be you. When you view small businesses or brands such as Bauble Bar, Refinery 29, and others, what do you think is the common denominator? Millennials. In this article, we expand on the multiple ways to finesse your experience while working for a small business or start-up. Aside from the tenure of a corporation, there are plenty of benefits to growing with a company or brand.


Key Perk #1: More of a Friendship Bracelet Than a Chain of Command

At the end of the day there is always going to be a chain of command. However the lack of an enormous staff lends you the chance to rub elbows with the owner and get a more personable experience with your team. Considering the investment you’ll be making by your efforts, you’ll have the perk of knowing who you’re working for and the “why” behind their cause. It’s a rarity that you can reference words of a CEO verbatim as you were there to have conversations that become essential to the company. This creates a bond and a relationship that many do not witness for themselves. Think about it: it’s been said by Black Enterprise that the average entrepreneur can now charge anywhere from $150-$300 an hour for their time whereas you get it per gratis all while working for the same goal. Set aside a meeting or vibe with your team with accountability meetings. It’s all for the greater good.


Key Perk #2: Meetings are like Business 101

The greatest thing you can attain from working for a small business is the knowledge you receive. Working for a place that has recently been built from the ground up makes even your own goals to possible branch out on your own seem realistic. You also get the opportunity to build a foundation and create your own culture whether it’s the office vibes or setting a standard apart from other businesses. You then can learn the essentials and begin to create or modify systems set into place to eliminate things such as expenses and monetize on time spent. All of this education and you won’t have to pay a time, just be open and willing to receive it across the board.


Key Perk #3: Use Your Growth as Leverage

Not many people in our age bracket have leverage as it usually comes with time or experience. Working for a small business usually results in growth before a plateau or the brand becomes a franchise. You will have to hit the ground running and will most likely do things that exceed your job responsibilities but if you do just what is expected, you can not expect the reeling benefits that come with over-exceeding the requirements. Putting the brand before yourself will build your internal creditability and create a momentum that will then go into the business.  For instance, in my past, I worked for a company with a team of two and was able to make over $4.8M. With the persona of the company, one would never know that it was just us running a company with no degree between us, just a common goal. In this lesson you will learn how to gain investors for YOUR endeavors. As its been said, money talks and you know the rest.


Now that we’ve disclosed the perks, it’s up to you to see if you can make an imprint with a start-up or even know how to sell others on being a part of your own!


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