Laurieann Gibson Goes ‘Beyond the Spotlight’ on Lifetime

Laurieann Gibson Goes ‘Beyond the Spotlight’ on Lifetime

Made by Jasmine Browley

Accomplished choreographer and creative director, Laurieann Gibson has been the driving force behind some of the world’s biggest stars. Now, she’ll finally be front and center.

Photo courtesy of Lifetime TV

In her new Lifetime docuseries premiering March 2, she’ll share her account of what it was like to work with Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj among many others. She’ll also be taking viewers along for the ride as she preps her current clientele for the performances of their lives.

When asked why she thought this was the right time to be center stage, she said, “my art called me to do it.”

Photo Courtesy of Lifetime TV

“Beyond the Spotlight,” follows her company, BoomKack Worldwide and it’s superstar client roster which includes Sean “Puffy” Combs, Tamar Braxton, Fantasia Barrino and Justine Skye among others.

Although the Canadian born powerhouse has worked with the best in entertainment for more than two decades, this show is perhaps one of the most audacious endeavors she’s embarked on.

“I’ve always been cautious about getting engulfed in the ‘light,’ ” her chosen moniker for fame. “When you truly know what you’re put on this earth for, you realize that it’s not really about you–it’s about serving the world by sharing your gift.”

She humbly mentions that the show will not only follow her triumphs but will touch on some of her most challenging professional moments.

“It was an intense, amazing experience working with my brother {Sean “Puffy” Combs} on the Bad Boy Reunion tour but it was especially gratifying because he’s fired me almost as many times as he’s hired me.” Referring to the golden era, mid to late 00’s when she served as creative director for Combs’ MTV reality show, Making the Band. “We’re so much alike in that we believe in ourselves and those around us so intensely that if they don’t share our vision, we combust.”

Photo Courtesy of Lifetime TV

She also touches on an open wound that’s still taking some time to heal: parting ways with her creative protegé, Lady Gaga.

“It’s still hard to talk about sometimes but the show really helped me work through it.”

Clearly, she’s come a long way from her early days as a struggling waitress and Alvin Ailey School of Dance student.

“I would sleep on the floor of my empty apartment with roaches crawling all around me without a dime to my name all for the sake of my dream,” she tearfully recounted. “God has kept me and I’m so grateful for that.”

Beyond the Spotlight premieres on Lifetime at 10/9c.


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