Let’s Talk Branding Battles: IG Enables Snapchat Feature

Let’s Talk Branding Battles: IG Enables Snapchat Feature

On the left corner is the lightweightSnapchat with ten second videos full of filter fun for you and your friends. In the other corner is our faithful heavyweight for the crowd who is obsessed with capturing moments and potent captions, Instagram. The crowd cheers wildly for both champs in the ring but who wins once Instagram throws an uppercut to Snapchat after not wanting to team up to challenge the tech world? If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram has a new feature which favors Snapchat – except you can now film up to fifteen second stories versus Snapchat’s standard ten seconds. While most of the social world is loving or hating this update, we wanted to fill you in on the story leading up to this event. Also it may spark your interest on how two big power players managed to not collaborate and what what results ensue when not doing so. This so-called battle of social apps all began when Instagram tried to pitch a collaboration with Snapchat. To say the least Snapchat chose to decline the offer. Instagram worked diligently in giving their users the same feature when operating but did not include the fan favorite filters. Whether you’re a millennial or Gen Z, your argument on staying loyal to one versus the other is valid. Snapchat does not have the tenure that Instagram does. Also Snapchat has a purpose of sharing your stories for 24 hours which allows access to you and your brand in a more personable aspect. The numbers aren’t in yet but we wonder what else is up IG’s sleeve. For those of us whom take our selfies and Snaps seriously, it’s a no brainer that both apps will continue to be utilized to their maximum capability.

Give us your thoughts on whether imitation is flattery in this battle of social apps in the comments below!

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