From Magazine Flip to Internship

From Magazine Flip to Internship

Your parents used to tell you that you have plenty of time to work. Now that time is here and your inner child that drinks a chai tea latte to wake up at the crack of dawn wants a shot at a dream job. Dabbling in the traditional footsteps of college and riding off into the sunset after an internship goes good is the plan of many students. However, sending yourself sailing away with plenty of offers leading up to your graduation is key. Being in love with fashion tends to take another level of frenzy when searching for a place you can grow and possibly take on a career. This week, internships in the fashion industry popped up quickly and ensured for some of us that hope has not yet been lost. Take a look at some of the internships you should be applying for.


Elle Magazine – Fashion Accessories and Jewelry Interns In New York

Elle is looking for an intern! The magazine seldomly opens its luxurious doors for a rookie. However, Elle has been buzzing in an uproar of twenty-somethings as editors. Fashion merchandising students, this is your chance! Elle is currently seeking a Fashion Accessories and Jewelry intern with previous experience in the department. An internship at Elle Magazine ensures you some recognition and great networking for future positions. Playing nice with others while working at a magazine that is all about women empowerment is “Lé dream job”.


Essence Magazine

Every year, Essence Magazine offers a broad variety of internships for HBCU students. The applications and positions available have not yet been released, but keep your eye on the prize. If you’re majoring in Marketing or Broadcasting, then you’re in luck as the opportunities are plentiful. Fashion is more than just the bold print and editorials. Essence offers hands-on experience by exposing you to cover events during the summer season or even host one-on-one interviews. Although the target is more-so in the DMV and New York area, feel free to apply despite the distance. Amtrak always offers student discounts for a less than pricey fare or even set aside your funds just in case you’ll need to “jet” once you land that offer.


Olori Swank – Intern

The blue haired bandit is seeking an intern for the Swank brand. Olori Swank, celebrity stylist and branding phenomenon, serves up an internship opportunity of a lifetime by breaking regular requirements of uprooting, especially if you’re a non-traditional student. Prep your words wisely and send an email on why you should work for Swank. The hustle and bustle of her daily routine will only up the ante of what you believe you’re capable of versus what you can actually execute seamlessly. The competition is fierce,so emphasize what sets you apart.



Vogue – Fashion Closet Assistant

Whatever you do, make sure you apply to the Holy Grail of internships at Vogue Magazine. The premiere magazine is searching for a Fashion Closet Assistant to assist in wardrobing for all the shoots for the Fall/Winter season (yes, fashion is always a season ahead). You may be the perfect fit to play Anne Hathaway to Anna Wintour. Now this position is not all glamour. Aside from the labels of high fashion society, Vogue is seeking a fresh pair of Choos and someone to take in all the knowledge. Being able to multi-task is a mandatory characteristic to handle the workload. If you can handle the fast paced environment and team-work necessary to prepare an issue or two whilst in the concrete jungle, Vogue does intern to hire at an International level.


Rolling Stone

The edgy magazine has been more open to offer opportunities to women in the recent years. They offer a range of internships for online or print, editorial, radio, the works. Rolling Stone Magazine is not quite for the academia driven student, the magazine has always been known for its edge. Not to say that the demand is any less waning than any other internship. Rolling Stone is a legacy publication that offers the opportunities for budding writers, photography, and broadcasting students to truly shine and hone their niche or craft. The creative freedom the publication offers is a perk. However, you possibly need a head hunter or daily reminder to research their availability for internships as they go as quickly as festival season.



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