Made Ezine Issues

Made Maven October 2018 Issue
The Innovation Issue July 2018
Made Maven Isssue April 2018
The Empowerment Issue January 2018
Made Millenial Issue December 2017
Global Impact Issue November 2017
Explorer's Issue August 2017
Enlightenment Issue May 2017
90's Nostalgia Commemorative Issue
April 2017
Empowerment Issue Jan. / Feb. 2017
Producers Issue Nov. / Dec. 2016
Explorer's Issue Sept. / Oct. 2016
Men's Issue July / August 2016
The Tastemakers Issue May / June 2016
Impact List March / April 2016
The Empowerment Issue Jan. / Feb. 2016
The Legends Issue Nov. / Dec. 2015
The Entertainment Issue Sept. / Oct. 2015
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