5 Ways to Manage Your Madness

5 Ways to Manage Your Madness

As millennials we tend to say “yes” to all opportunities in order to keep a full plate. Let’s refer to this period of promotions at work, making advances in academia, or simply going full force toward your goals – humbling season. Nonetheless, during this time you are hopelessly running off of fumes to or enduring burning the midnight oil. This honey is your “madness”. Hats off to those whom can go through their season seamlessly, but for those who need an assist or possibly more hours in the day,here are a few tips that have been proven to make your season seven fold the inspo:

1. Wake up early

It’s been proven by Forbes magazine that entrepreneurs wake up an hour earlier than the average person. That hour can be spent putting a jumpstart on your day as well as prepping your mind for the full day of tasks. Take this time to prioritize in order execute your to-do list.

2. Make time for self.

Dedicate thirty minutes to whatever tickles your fancy. Some people meditate, others hit the gym, be sure to break away from the chaos to take a small breather for positive vibes only. Your sanity and health comes before everything else,no one wants a manic #GirlBoss on a frenzy for success.

3. Hold yourself accountable.

When you’re an adult there comes the time where everyone becomes busy in their own endeavors. With this being said,keep yourself in check by holding yourself accountable. Everyone is given the same 24 hours to make their dreams a reality. Just think, you may inspire those around you to get things done too. Make your goals in the form of a timeline from monthly duties needed to accomplish your year goal whether it be personal or business. Setting dates helps tremendously as well as sharing your goals with your support system. It still takes a village, child or twenty-something.

4. Create a vision board.

Be optimistic and realize your humbling season is just that, a season. Treat every victory as a moment to bask in as you’re creating a list of achievements. Once you look back on all your hurdles,you’ll be more appreciative of all you’ve had an opportunity to finish without a shred of self-doubt. Creating a vision board is the same as saying your mantra aloud, it creates a tangible goal. Inspirational quotes on sticky notes or your last Sallie Mae bill might be just the tinge of motivation you need. Your vision board should be somewhere you will visit at least once a day and should be reevaluated as your goals will change.

5. Accept being uncomfortable.

Know that in order for you to grow, you have to be put in an uncomfortable place. No one has ever built their brand in a state of contentment. No one is like you and that is why you will make it. It will be hard, that’s a fact. Would you really want anything that comes easy?


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