Maximizing Your Potential: Which Can Are You?

Maximizing Your Potential: Which Can Are You?

MADE By: Tim Jones @jonestimo

Growing up, I hated canned goods. No matter how affordable my mom told me they were, or how convenient they were for producing lunch and dinner for me and my sister. I can still remember our cupboards being lined with Chef Boyardee, canned corn, string beans, beans, potatoes. You get it, right?

Entering 2017, I adopted the philosophy and action of making sure that I would not leave this earth without fully maximizing my potential. I got tired of suppressing who I really wanted to be and what I was truly capable of doing. The #LeaveNoPotentialOnTheTable life was born. The philosophy is an exercise of reverse suppression. Many of us have some of the most amazing dreams, desires, and imaginations about our futures. But, we stop there. We are my mom’s cupboard, filled with cans of potential. Some of us are sealed cans, some of us are half-opened cans, some of us are opened cans, and some of us are empty cans. If each of us has a vast amount of gifts, skills, abilities, dreams and imaginations. What are they left dormant, un-tampered, or not fully maximized? Potential left on the table.

Which Can Are You?

1.) Sealed Can: the individual that never started.

2.) Half-Open Can: the individual that sees the work ahead and would rather preserve.

3.) Opened Can: the individual that started and fear kicked in.

4.) Half-Empty Can: the individual that always starts and stops.

5.) Open Can: the individual that starts and never stops.

Our No. 1 responsibility while we occupy this earth is to make sure we leave no potential on the table. Be an Open & Empty Can. How?

Takeaways: Write & Watch. Talk & Take.

  • Write down your gifts, skills, abilities, dreams, and imagination
  • Talk about them
  • Take action on them
  • Watch the universe work on your behalf
  • Respond accordingly

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