Millennial Must-Read: Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit

Millennial Must-Read: Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit

Break a habit and build a brand with Charles Duhigg and his book the Power of Habit which offers plenty of resourceful insight on how habits disable to possibility of a solid foundation whether in life or business. As a wise quote states: what you allow is what will continue. We found this book helpful in nipping those pesky relationships and bad spending habits in the butt. Here’s what the book divulges: 


How Habits Effect the Entrepreneur 

No one has to explain how detrimental habits can be to an entrepreneur. Breaking habits that combat spending or even cutting off non-beneficial relationships can be the difference between struggling to build a start-up or accrue investors. The speed of implementation is key to this trick as Duhigg explains. You can literally trick your basal ganglia into breaking habits. In lamen terms, there are ways to counteract your “triggers” that lead to bad habits. 


How Long Until You Rid Your Habit?

This book is not a cure but a handy guide in assisting on the “why” behind your habit. Conquering the habit from a logical standpoint lessens the chances of you taking risk based on emotions. Like rehab, admitting your addiction is the hardest part and then 21 days is worth the withdrawals. Some may relapse and fall into their old ways but the book recommends starting from the top until you rid yourself of the habit. For instance, if you spend before you put away savings – try to save in small increments before you hit your big payday.


How Do I Do It?

The foundation to breaking a habit is starting it in the face and claiming it as your own. Everyone will not know your struggle and the toll it takes on your future ventures. However beginning with goals on the results of you breaking the said habit can give you motivation throughout the journey. Take notes on what will work best for you as this read tackles the psychological characteristics and the “why” behind the madness. Another tactic of helping yourself is to limit yourself to the exposures of habit breaking – seek help from mentors, financial advisors, or follow business associates in keeping your ducks in a row. Once that’s done, it’s out of sight and out of mind.



Don’t judge a book by its cover, but Charles Duhigg has got the habit loop figured out.



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