Millennials in Music: Lee England Jr.

Millennials in Music: Lee England Jr.

Lee England Jr. is a classically trained violinist who has grown to be known as “The Soul Violinist” by infusing his traditional skills with the popular melodies of today’s culture. But playing songs isn’t the only way he’s been able to step into popular culture by using his talent. Lee is one of a few non-athletes who were hand picked by the basketball legend Michael Jordan to represent the Jordan brand across the world. Being hand picked by influencers is not a new storyline for Lee, since he was first discovered by Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs who selected him as an instrumentalist for the group he was creating in 2009.

Take a walk in the shoes of a man who has worked with some of the greatest musicians and composers of our time, including Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones. After being elevated to play on stages with some of the greats, he is using his platform to build the mind and hearts of his listeners through his own original music.

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