#MINDBLOWN: Check-In With Mindless Behavior

#MINDBLOWN: Check-In With Mindless Behavior

MADE sat down with Mindless Behavior to chat about their new album #Of cialMBMusic and how they stay fresh as one of the only boy groups in the industry.


MADE: From the outside looking in, you all make a great group while still representing your individuality. How would you all describe your personal styles?
Princeton: I’m just very entertaining, I believe I’m always entertaining people. Always trying to make someone laugh or always trying to make people feel good. And I’m the only child, so I kind of like attention. So whatever I do, I always try to get attention with it. And, for Mike, I would say his personality is very fun, very flirty, very funny, very outgoing, but very chill at the same time.

EJ: Yeah, I’ll say that’s pretty accurate for Mike. Then for me, I’m kind of more the laid back one. Even though I get comfortable, I get pretty wild too. I mean. Yeah, between the three of us, I’m probably the more laid back one – more chill one. I’m more of a tech guy a little bit, so if it’s stuff going on with computers then I could probably help them out.


MADE: About the new album, Official#MBmusic, tell us about the new sound and what sets it apart from the two previous albums.

Princeton: I think what sets official#MBmusic apart from the last MB albums is that people can hear, even read the lyrics, and see that we’re grown now. The last two albums were when I was 14 and 17 and this one I’m 20 years old now, so that’s a big gap in somebody’s life. I kind of feel like there’s no way we could do the last two albums now and there’s no way that we were able to do this album in the past. It’s perfect timing. It’s perfect the way we are.

EJ: We’re just mature now. The content we can talk about and the things we can talk about is different because we’re older now. Then also we released this album independently, so we have a lot more control over what we want to say and how we want things to roll out and how we want the music videos to look. So we just have a lot more control over it.


Click HERE to read more of Mindless Behavior interview with MADE Magazine.

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