Monetization Strategies For The Creative Millennial

Monetization Strategies For The Creative Millennial

Every blue moon, there’s an in-depth interview of great magnitude with a successful person. In this modern-era sixty minutes format, the person of famed success gives insight on their trials and tribulations to depict just how they got to where they are now. Of course their journey is compiled with funny moments in between easing the audience to swallow the whole bite. The truth is and always will be that success does not come easy. Even when you feel like you’ve broken down doors, there can be limits to the elevation of those around you or in your industry. Millennials make it look easy. It could be the fact that our “wins” are forever documented through social media or simply that we’ve broken the formidable code to success. In this article, we will dive into how creative millennials continue to crack the code whilst pursuing their passion and solidify their fortune.

In the creative space, there are several ways to find exposure for your brand. The most sought out form of doing so is with collaborations. Collaborations allow for all parties involved to benefit whether it be for promotion, impressions, or a call-to-action. There’s a new marketing strategy that bigger brands have adopted.  Reaching out to influencers to assist in their marketing campaigns has been said to increase sales up to 80%. Keep that same mindset when you’re pitching your value. Collaborations can also lead to longevity and qualitative deliverables such as a portfolio.

In the lucrative words of media entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, “Document more than you create.” The key to being consistent is showing the pits and peaks of your path toward success. It’s second nature to scroll through your feed and automatically feel guilt of not leading a life of seamless extravagance. In the same token, your audience will appreciate the fact that you’re a real person going after something bigger than yourself. The more you post on your platforms and engage, the more support and brand recognition you will receive resulting in sales. Providing content with a purpose on a consistent basis builds credibility with your audience.

Now that you know the perks of collaboration over competition and that consistency builds a community for your brand – the money can start rolling in, right? The answer is no. The truth is that you have to love what you’re doing so much that you wouldn’t need someone to pay you for it. Make sure that you create as much as possible.

Passion pays, eventually. Just stay patient and prosperous.


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