[VIDEO] Ryan Henry of 9MAG Shares Advice on Doing Business with Friends


Mel B on Sex, Drugs, Abuse & Her Epic Healing Journey


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  • Founders Row

Negotiation 101: Diddy’s Position on the Power of Walking Away

  • Instagram By MADE

Getting a new job offer or making a new business deal is exciting — but negotiating? Not so much. The process of negotiation can be nerve-wracking, and it’s easy to make mistakes, especially if you haven’t had much experience negotiating….

  • Personal Development

How To Cope When Your Ambition Causes Anxiety

  • Instagram By MADE

MADE by Shannon Terry, LCPC The millennial generation is full of creators, entrepreneur, social media influencers and those aspiring to be the previously stated. Setting goals and achieving dreams are often greeted with great resistance called “anxiety”. Anxiety is defined…

  • Women

How to Visualize Your Career Goals w/ Powerful Penny

  • Instagram By MADE

MADE By Powerful Penny Self-Assessment Quiz ─ True or False: I can imagine which outfit I’ll wear to my next interview. I can see my new workspace in my mind. I can envision my bank balance being positive, all the…

  • Hollywood Heights

Mel B on Sex, Drugs, Abuse & Her Epic Healing Journey

  • Instagram By MADE

MADE By Allison Kugel Melanie Brown aka Mel B has reigned supreme as the spiciest of her bandmates since bursting onto the entertainment scene as Scary Spice in 1996 with the group’s #1 hit Wannabe. With her wild hair, piercings…

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