The Perfect Recipe on Elevating Your Denim

The Perfect Recipe on Elevating Your Denim

There are some who may say that wearing jeans at work is inappropriate, but jeans will always remain a trend amongst creative entrepreneurs. Denim not only keeps one comfortable and in style in work, but is absolutely perfect for pairing with the business or casual fashion mood. Here’s some pointers to take notes from below by Xuxa Day.


Make Your Denim Femme & Business-Savvy

Denim has a edgy connotation when styling. However, there are tons of ways to add some feminine flair to this fabric. Pair your go-to Chambray shirt with a softer fabric like blogger Mattieologie or even throw on a simple but chic mini dress for a layered effect. Your work wardrobe is meant to be swatched with all sorts of staples and pieces that put your look in trend for the season. Even pairing up your denim tee with a pair of trousers combined business and casual. Lighter washes go well with other fabrics such as lace or even a fun print.



A Dash of Distressed and Destroyed Denim

One of the best things about denim is that it tends to get better with age (like you!). Slip into a pair of tattered boyfriend jeans and a comfy white tee to create a canvas for funky accessories. You can dress up the dingiest of denim with floor-length cardigans that make the girls on Hollywood Boulevard jealous. You don’t have to dress up or dress down for destroyed denim. They’re a soon to be classic staple. You can hit a brunch or even a happy hour with these pair of holey duds.




All or Nothing with Denim on Denim

Whether it’s street style or worn on your favorite beauty guru like Shirley Beniang, the denim-on-denim trend has been blazing hot since last summer. The key is to choose a wash within one to two shades lighter or darker than the other. Two that match don’t equal monochrome in this scenario but more so nineties coordination. So keep that in mind when choosing a wash from the array of choices. Another good outfit that will keep you draped in denim from top to bottom are overalls. Wear a long-sleeved crop top for Parisian flair or rock a blazer and Chuck Taylor’s for a modern touch to the look.




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