How To Plan For A High Impact 2018

How To Plan For A High Impact 2018

Start Each Day Off With Intention“It’s so easy to wake up and immediately check our phones for emails, social media updates, text messages or all of the above. But, how we start the day inevitably influences our productivity. Spend the first 30 minutes of each day, praying, stretching and reading. A routine combination of these three things set a productive tone for the day and keep us in the mindset to conquer all.Distractions affect us so much and we look up and say, ‘How did it get November?’ We let our time go by sometimes. If we want to have these creative and entrepreneurial lifestyles we have to be super diligent with our time. I wake up at 6 or 7am every day. I have to. So doing that and knowing that the first 30 minutes of my day have nothing to do with Instagram, social media, emails, nothing to do with anything but centering myself to do the day is a really big deal.”Read the full story in our November Global Impact Issue HERE. For more inspiring messages from Stacy Ike, follow her @onetakestace or visit her website.screen-shot-2017-11-30-at-12-33-21-pm ]]>

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