[PODCAST] POWER’s Lela Loren On How She Leaned On Faith To Land The Role Of Angela

[PODCAST] POWER’s Lela Loren On How She Leaned On Faith To Land The Role Of Angela

We’re midway through season 5 of STARZ’s gritty mega-hit Power so by now, you’ve already firmly pledged your allegiance to at least one of the characters. Lela Loren masterfully portrays the complex attorney Angela Valdes, and has become a character that viewers love to watch. Her masterful portrayal of the role has left fans thinking they personally know the character of Angela which proves the authentic power and talent of Lela Loren.

As multi-layered and complex as Angela is on Power, there’s much more to Loren than meets the eye, or the screen for that matter. In an exclusive interview during  “How I Made It” podcast with Jasmine Browley, Loren candidly shares how she unintentionally stepped into her dream job and how she leaned on her faith to land the star role in the highly-rated hit television series.

Rooted in humble beginnings, Loren reveals some relatable truths about her unconventional career path as a working artist in Hollywood and gems of advice on navigating a creative life. 

“I had to divorce myself from the definition of what success is. I almost had to let go of this idea of “making it.” If your goal is to make it, I think that is setting you up for failure.” shared the seasoned actress.


Listen to the full episode of “How I Made It” with Jasmine Browley for yourself below.

Follow Lela Loren at @LelaLoren and watch Power every Sunday on STARZ.

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