Solange Pens Picture of Being Black in White Spaces

Solange Pens Picture of Being Black in White Spaces

In the lyrically acclaimed words of John Legend, we’re just ordinary people. However every once in a while you lose hope or become void when trying to reason with others about what sets you apart. As a millennial there is a load of new hefty burdens to bear as gun violence spikes, a new president is less than 60 days away from the Oval Office and things like life just happen. Walking in another persons shoes always seems to be evidently one of the unfathomable out of body experiences we as human beings will be able to achieve. However,¬†it is our duty to try. This month singer, Solange Knowles, penned a letter to those who may need insight on what it is like to live black in white open spaces.




In the letter, Solange notes an instance where she and her family are out and about. During this occasion the singer paints a vivid picture of a lime being thrown and unkind words said based on the color of her skin. In that same instance, Knowles states the repercussions of speaking up for herself. With that said, sometimes it may be difficult to describe a regular day in your shoes and how much energy it takes to push through and keep walking forward despite the inner feeling of unjust discrimination.


Express Not Stress


We applauded Solange as she took the time to step back and write a letter to those who can relate to her recent scenario and those who may never share the same woe. As a millennial or creative altogether, it becomes your responsibility to dilute the negativity by using your voice to make the world aware. Solange Knowles is a great example of using your platform to spread knowledge or even bring others together.


Sharing May Not Win the War, But It Defeats Battles


No, this letter did not get published on every newsstand but thankfully once you put something into the Universe, it never goes away. Speaking out or standing up for what you believe in seems like a hamster wheel full of lost aim. The lesson in this is truly simple: your thoughts or feelings can look slight when solo but are quite robust when combined with thousands of others. You may feel like you’re yelling in an empty room but believe us, someone hears you.


Read the full version HERE.


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