Three Big Changes to Instagram You Should Know About

Three Big Changes to Instagram You Should Know About

With Snapchat slowly becoming everyone’s BAE, Instagram developers have “improved” some things to keep up. ICYMI, here are some major changes made to the app this week:


Algorithm overhaul 

The latest Instagram update allows for a more curated user experience with a feed featuring posts that are ordered from most to least important according to your past activity. (Note: Think Facebook without the steroids).


60 Second Videos 

Instagram is giving users the chance to lip sync a full minute of their fave songs as opposed to the measly 15 seconds we’ve become accustomed to. This comes just in time for festival and concert season since a full verse and chorus can be shared with your followers in real time.


MultiClip Video Editing 

Part of the success of Vine and Snapchat is the ability to edit and string clips of different videos to make one streamlined post  without the use of a third party app. Instagram peeped game  and took it one step further by allowing users to add beautiful custom filters to the multi clip videos and share the finished product with your other platforms simultaneously.


Snapchat, your move.

MADE by Jasmine Browley

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