Three Reasons You Need a Career Accountability Partner

We all know that taking personal responsibility for your success is essential to achieve your goals, blah blah blah. But what happens if the path to success is unpaved, dark and lonely? Sometimes, we need a little assistance.An accountability partner can help you take responsibility by giving you the boost you need when youre not where you need to be. Here are a few ways an accountability partner can help you.


Reason #1: To shift your priorities.


An great accountability partner will chin check you with the hard questions and force you to evaluate your goals and organize them in a way that makes them attainable.



Reason #2: To remind yourself of the big picture.


The minute details that make up our daily grind can easily allow us to lose sight of the long term goals. An outsider can help recalibrate your focus and remind of the end goal.


Reason #3: To be willing to accept feedback.

As hard as it is for millennials to admit, we all need some guidance. Maybe were stuck at a crossroads or we have a difficult decision to make and were having trouble evaluating our options. An accountability partner who understands you and knows your values and mission can help you gain perspective.


MADE by Jasmine Browley

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