Tis’ the Season for Personal Trainers Who Make House Calls

Tis’ the Season for Personal Trainers Who Make House Calls

Nothing motivates a woman to lose weight more than her upcoming nuptials. NOTHING! All eyes on you. A $12,000 dress that you’ll be DAMNED if you’ll buy in a size larger than an 8 or 10. Because wedding dresses are like dog years. You have to multiple your size by 7! If you normally wear a size 8, you end up in a size 56. And a size 10? Lord, Madea’s calculator—you know, the one she pounds on when she adds up how much the wife beater owes his wife in the movie “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”—doesn’t even go that high. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, when I got engaged February 2016 and set the date for September 2 of the same year, I hired a personal trainer to come to me three days a week. Yep, it was expensive as hell! About $300 a week.

My trainer, April, is a stuntwoman. Um-hmm. So you know what that means? She kicked my butt three days a week! And I hated HER and every minute that she put me through. But boy, did I love the results! (Just teasing. I didn’t really hate YOU, April. Well, no, I actually did. But it was a good hate.)

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Cheryl Grace is the sassy aunt, best friend, and mentor you’ve always needed in your life. The successful jet-setting, global corporate executive founded the aspirational lifestyle brand Powerful Penny LLC. Her products, workshops and speeches probe, inspire and empower to ensure those who really want to can get to their next level of best. Her blogs on careers, prosperity, relationships, family, looking and living fabulously, and living a five-star life can be found at www.powerfulpenny.com.

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