Productivity Apps of the Week

Productivity Apps of the Week

MADE By: Benji Aird

In need of some organization in your smartphone? We have you covered, all thanks to the Product Guru. Take a look at my favorite apps.

1. CloudMagic (AndroidiOS


If you’re like most people, you’ve signed up for at least a handful of email services. CloudMagic does an impeccable job of tying popular email offerings together into one powerful, feature-filled app. It’ll handle your corporate mail with ease, along with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and a host of others, and you can save messages to big-name note taking, list making, and CRM services.



2. Slack (AndroidiOSweb)


Instead of relying on a mish-mash of email, instant messaging, text messaging, and phone calls, Slack does a good job of streamlining things down into a real-time communications tool that can hook into a heap of popular third-party services. You can share topics, updates, images, files, and links with your team, which can help keep everyone get on the same page. This free offering lets you set up an unlimited number of users, archives 10,000 past messages, and can integrate with up to 10 services.



3. (AndroidiOSweb


This productivity app offers plenty of options without being overly complicated. You can even forward an email message to turn it into a task—the 21st-century equivalent of stuffing Post-It notes all over your desk. All your notes, tasks, and to-dos synchronize with the web-based version of so you can access them from just about anywhere. apps


4. Handle (ChromeiOS)


Thanks to Handle, your Gmail, Google Calendar, and to-do list are organized together into one handy dashboard. It turns your email messages into actionable items and serves them up in the middle column of a distraction-free interface, flanked on either side by your projects and your calendar. The iOS app lets you add new tasks via Siri as well.


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