Black-Owned Businesses That Should Be On Your Radar

Black-Owned Businesses That Should Be On Your Radar

On the heels of the MADE Maven Leadership Summit, check out the vendors that will be on site at this career-changing event! From essential hair care products to eye-catching fashion, this line-up is guaranteed to pique your interest. Take a look…

Free by Val Warner

After leaving an unhealthy marriage, TV personality Val Warner felt free to live the life she truly deserved. As she prepares to launch her new t-shirt collection, FREE., Val hopes to inspires others to be free in every area of their life.

Naked by Essations

Focusing on natural ingredients and helping you achieve the best health of your curls, Naked by Essations products are rich in natural emollients, humectants, and other nutrients to leave hair nourished, strong, and healthy. With a lineup covering a range of needs, you can easily revitalize your routine with their gentle yet powerful formulas. With their sulfate-free shampoos, get gentle cleansing with hydrating properties to leave your hair and scalp healthy. When looking for an added dose of hydration, check out their leave-in conditioners and special treatment masks. For healthy hair that stays with you all day, their styling solutions are a great fit.

B Fragranced

B Fragranced LLC was founded on the idea of celebrating one’s self by embellishing their individuality. Seeking to bring out the pure essence of each individual, the Chicago-based cosmetics company launched its brand [ME] in 2013. Today, B Fragranced, MBE & WBE certified company, hosts a line of new & fresh aromas for men and women that are blended to smell unique on different skin types.

Astrida Naturals

Their mindful, natural, plant-based body care, skin care and fragrances are sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients. Some of our ingredients include fair trade organic shea butter from Ghana, active botanical extracts, essential oils and organic, hand-crafted natural scent blends.

103 Collection

103 Collection, a brand of beard, hair and skin care targeting the multicultural market. Founded by a husband and wife team, Delfondo and Melinda Herron, 103 Collection is vintage with men’s beard care heritage and has expanded into a full offering of vegan products for both men and women. Their top sellers are the Beard Care Bundles (Lavendar Lemongrass/Cedarwood beard wash & beard oil), Hair Care Bundles (Peppermint Ginger Lime Shampoo & Condish) and Skin Care (Blueberry Cranberry Facial Scrub).


Angela C. Styles 

Angela C. Styles is a Chicago native with over 12 years of professional experience in the beauty and entertainment industry. Her titles include salon owner, celebrity hairstylist, brand consultant, brand ambassador, educator, TV personality and now author. With a passion for hair care and education, Angela created Hair to help educate woman and girls on the importance of loving and taking care of the hair they are born with. Hair is the first of many books to emerge from her publishing company The Pretty Curls Club to uplift and educate young women of all ethnicities on the importance of self-confidence, diversity, and friendship. She currently resides in Los Angeles, working as a stylist for CBS and catering to clients in her west Hollywood Salon.

Bella Rosa

Bella Rosa is an online destination for stylish go-getters, sophisticated corporate climbers and trendsetting influencers. Bella Rosa understands a woman’s confidence is the ultimate key. Their customers are women who know exactly what they want and are relentless in pursuit of those endeavors. Bella Rosa aims to produce amazing customer service, competitive prices and the newest trends for women who finesse the work week, date night and everything in between.


TGIN believes in the healing powers from nature. From African shea butter to handmade olive oil soaps, each of our products is made in small batches using the finest natural and organic ingredients for maximum freshness. None of their products contain parabans and phthalates.

Unspoken Languages by Robin Ayers

A feel-good book that ignites the unspoken language of belief to live the life you desire and deserve! Robin Ayers shares real life stories of her own and she references experiences of others to show the power of belief that we’ve all been born with. Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all while others struggle to find their way? The answer is simply that all things begin with belief. What do you believe about yourself and the capabilities that you have. Unspoken Languages is a powerful tool that has been instilled in your since the day you were born. It’s a language that is silent but it’s a force that communicates heavily with the universe to bring you exactly what you desire in life.

Love Peridot

Inspired by owner Cher’s grandmother’s impeccable sense of style, Love Peridot’s offers affordable, chic statement pieces that will make you feel empowered every time you rock a piece from their collection.


Noirefy is a platform that connects diverse talent to opportunities in the corporate world through referrals. The startup is an attempt to combat discrimination in the hiring process, a reality that founder Shaniqua Davis unfortunately knows all too well. Noirefy’s goal is to help companies harness the power of referrals, which are a top source of hires and also lead to increased employee retention, while at the same time expanding beyond the networks of current employees.

Curl Mix

Kim Lewis and her husband Tim launched CurlMix, a DIY box delivery service for curly hair your monthly Curl Mix box comes with a recipe and natural ingredients to make your own DIY hair care products. CurlMix is the first brand that caters to women who like to make homemade curly hair products and provides quick and easy hair recipes/remedies, educational content, and high-quality products with natural and organic ingredients.


Chicago French Press

From seed to cup, Chicago French Press is devoted to roasting and delivering quality coffee while supporting others in need. Freshly roasted in the Windy City, Chicago French Press produces brews that are single-origin, freshly-roasted and flavored by hand.


Alodia Hair Care  

Alodia Hair Care has taken the guesswork out of finding the right products for your hair type and created custom kits for different hair textures and styling options. Whether you want a Wash N’ Go or Twist Out/Braid Out, Alodia has a kit that includes everything you need to achieve your favorite hairstyles. Get started on your journey towards the healthy hair you’ve always desired.

Check out these businesses at the MADE Maven Leadership Summit this weekend at Virgin Hotels Chicago. Visit to register.

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