Top Millennial Entrepreneurs of 2016

Top Millennial Entrepreneurs of 2016

MADE by: Chelsey Little

Millennials redefine the business mindset by placing self-identity and creative work development as a priority. By utilizing and valuing the importance of independence, millennials continue to embark upon a different entrepreneurial path than past generations. The following millennial entrepreneurs mentioned below in this post are prime millennial entrepreneurs who have achieved drastically across a global scale within the past few years. Made Magazine would like to congratualte all millennial entrepreneurs who continue to strive for success in their career pursuits. Continue to drive your company with no limits.


Jasmine Lawrence, EDEN BodyWorks

IG: @edensjasmine

Personal Website:

EDEN BodyWorks Site:

Jasmine Lawrence, CEO of EDEN BodyWorks, has redefined the meaning of beauty by celebrating and appreciating the value of women across the world. Despite media’s representation of women, Lawrence’s mission with her company implements natural hair products to combine wellness and beauty with the elements of nature to redefine self-worth and inspire women to love themselves inside and out.



Shiza Shahid, The Malala Fund

IG: @shiza89


Shiza Shahid represents one of many philanthropists who continues to bring awareness and positive initiatives towards reinforcing change towards issues that affect lives of young girls across the world. The Malala Fund, started by Shahid, stands today as one impactful resource and platform that highlights girls’ voices while advocating policy and systemic changes to provide and re-establish better solutions to education.



Laurie Davis, eFlirt Experts

IG: @eflirtexpert


Laurie Davis, founder and CEO of eFlirt Expert, continues to keep the presence and outcome of online dating positively prevalent for the single community. Nominated for several awards along with featured media appearances, Davis continues to serve as a guide to singles by providing personalized services in efforts to raise their possibilities of meeting their perfect soulmate.



Eric Thomas

IG: @etthehiphoppreacher


Renowned author of three novels, educator and minister, Eric Thomas is recognized as one powerful speaker who speaks of success and personal education counseling upon various communities across the world – in which he is mainly credited as a source of inspiration for collegiate and professional athletes.



Todrick Hall

IG: @todrick


Known for his infamous flash mobs and musical compilations on YouTube, Todrick Hall stands as one of today’s social media sensations. Within the past years, Hall has created a unique, self-expressive mark upon entertainment by integrating music and theater into an art form that later merged into a phenomenon amongst prevalent mediums millennials interact with daily – such as online videos and mainstream television (i.e. MTV).



Hebru Brantley

IG: @hebrubrantley


Over the past years Hebru Brantley has been recognized across several publications, exhibitions and collaborations within the arts sphere. Themes in the works of Hebru Brantley focuses on uncomfortable social issues, while also narrating a nostalgic environment for viewers to fall into the characters’ adventures.



Adam & Ryan Goldston, Athletic Propulsion Labs

IG: @adamgoldston & @ryangoldston


The Athletic Propulsion Labs, introduced and founded by Adam and Ryan Goldston, was created to collectively restructure the collective performance and design of athletic footwear. Together, the Goldston brothers continues to challenge the standard of athletic style by innovating new ideas that improves the overall power of today’s athletes.


Footwear & Apparel

Arvin Lal, SHREDZ Inc.

IG: @arvinsworld


Arvil Lal stands as one of many entrepreneurs who’ve started into the business industry by investing time and dedication to social media marketing as the prime entity to drive his company – SHREDZ – to the top. Throughout the past years SHREDZ has grasped attention from models and bodybuilders of the fitness industry on a global scale.



Danielle Cuccio, Cuccio Somatology

IG: @daniellecuccio


Danielle Cuccio, certified yoga instructor and CEO of Cuccio Somatology, continues her dedication to improving the wellness of others by assisting in promoting healthy lifestyle routines and key information to guide along the way. With her company and health blog The Beauty Insider, Cuccio has reached over hundreds of followers and clientele who have become rooted in her craft and teaching of better living.

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