How Tuning Out Will Result in 8 Years of Democratic Disagreement

How Tuning Out Will Result in 8 Years of Democratic Disagreement

These last few months people have been glued to their screens to witness the acts of politics in all it’s propaganda. Even to allow a spotlight to shine on millennials and whom we are supporting were apps like Snapchat, Facebook, etc;. Now that the games are truly on and we begin to countdown for the final casted vote in November. Now there seems to be an underlying hesitancy among us if it’s only our first or second round.


Millennials Do Matter

As reported by the Pew Research Center, millennials match Baby Boomers at a whopping 62.9 million. Policies that involve education, retirement, and even gun violence are OUR battles and whom is next in office needs to heed that responsibility. The thought process of your vote no longer making a difference, you are very wrong. So this is as just a good of reason to raise your voice and take to the polls.


Register Already, it’s 2017!

There have been marches and deaths all in fight for the right to vote. If you have the right, use it. Educate yourself and vote for who you believe will serve at your best interest. When you view a debate, take to social media and reach out to others that may have other knowledge about the subjects at hand. You can also research to see what alternative views exist. The best thing about our generation is the power of technology. You’ll have to weed out some bias and go straight to the big hitters like CNN, Huff Post, etc.;

We hope this small public announcement has helped guide you closer to the polls. There’s no such thing as a invalid inquiry and the challenge will be how much information you can grasp before main a decision.


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