3 Ways to Network Your Way to the Bank

3 Ways to Network Your Way to the Bank

Birds of a feather flock together. That’s why we, as creatives, need to stand strong and assist in our climb up the ladder of entrepreneurship. With that being said, we wanted to spotlight how the simple notion of networking can make all the difference in your brand perception. You may not be an extrovert, but you have to be open to speaking and knowing your bend in and out for potential investors or even those whom may want to be partner in what you’ve got brewing. Networking is more than just rubbing elbows so pay close attention as we explain how to turn that new business relationship into an investment.



Marketing is part of any legit game plan to get your business of the ground and running into investors or even people you bond with on a higher level. Face to face events within your industry, or even where you plan on setting up shop in your local area, are chances for you to be seen as an active member in the community and people will vividly remember you by that first impression. One key thing to bring with you is something tangible that┬árepresents your brand: business cards reflect your logo and give something for people to relate to you and your vision. You should give these away once someone displays interest, which is where a short two-minute pitch of your business objective comes handy. Save the long story of your hustle for your New York Times Best Seller and keep it short and sweet but detailed enough so others can know what you’re about. Other than doing ground work, prepping your social┬ámedia outlets to post around the clock helps you stay aligned with any projects or campaigns. It’s like duplicating yourself without the hassle of hiring another person who understands the culture of your brand. Use tools such as Hootsuite to take out the middle man.

Establishing Career Standards


Setting a standard of your brand helps build its credibility over time and also reflects that everything out into your business is done with the utmost integrity. In the beginning you may have to “fake it until you make it”, but one of my mentors told me once that he started his brand based on perception. If you present yourself like a $2M start-up, two million dollars in revenue will eventually come. Boost your confidence in knowing your brand inside and out. You are the bones and foundation so make sure all operations go seamlessly by creating SOPs. This will ensure that your growth does without the growing pains as each individual should be able to follow the guidelines and understand the “why” behind it. Once you set the standard, you create a culture that is required to be met. Think of yourself down the road and how a franchise operates. You can place one person into any position with the intention that they should be able to function without too many questions and gain knowledge to add to the systems in place. Another thing to research is what credentials can make your business or brand stand out (i.e. Better Business Bureau, Inc. 500, or even Forbes if you’re fancy). This will back up your brand and elevate your business to another league of entrepreneurs.


Mentorship is something people tend to lack as it entails asking for help. Being prideful will not benefit your bank. So find someone who aspires you and ask them for something precious: their time. Once you’ve set your mark and come to an understanding gain insight because they have most likely who made the expensive mistakes you would without their knowledge. Fortune 500 mentioned that entrepreneurs have levels to consciousness when starting their ventures. You will at times be partially conscious and partially unconscious. However, you should always be learning. There are even businesses that specialize in educating and preparing you to ensure your growth like Meagan Ward’s women empowered Creatively Flawless.

Whether you are in the brainstorming phase or simply need that nudge to go for your dreams, the reality is that it’s all within your reach. Take the steps to speak up as close mouths don’t get fed.

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