#MADE: Two Best Friends Net Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History

#MADE: Two Best Friends Net Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History

Lauren Miller and Brittany Thompson, two best friends and creative entrepreneurs from Canada, net the biggest deal in Shark Tank history with all 5 “Shark” investors teaming up to buy 35% of the company for a record-breaking $12 million dollars! After dominating the Canadian beauty industry in just 5 short months they are now ready to make big noise in the global markets, and with the help of the experienced Sharks they are poised to make some real money. They’ve recently completed a series of re-branding and re-packaging and are now ready to launch Désir Brillance Revitalizing Moisturizer in the United States.

The differentiator from other skincare companies? Désir Brillance Revitalizing Moisturizer begins by immediately clearing up lines, blemishes, and any imperfections from your face caused by aging or sun damage, but once used regularly for 2-3 weeks, the gradual permanent effect is even more breathtaking.

Congrats to these ladies on this amazing new venture – you #MADE it!

Source: PEOPLE Magazine

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