[WATCH] 3 Motivating Lessons Kids Taught Us This Week

[WATCH] 3 Motivating Lessons Kids Taught Us This Week

The internet went wild as two motivational children’s videos went viral over this past week. Who would have that thought that a kid could (in the words of Karen Civil “[get] my life together in less than a minute.” Check out these new and throwback motivational videos by adolescents that will ‘get your life’. Here are our takeaways:

1) Be Ready for Any Challenge That Comes Your Way.

Source: Karen Civil Facebook Page.

2. Knowledge is power. 

Source: Daria Redding Facebook Page

And an oldie but goodie: 3) Be Great.


Source: Youtube

Sometimes we do need a pep talk even after a 24 hour pity party. But after you brush yourself off there is a life of new beginnings and endless opportunities. Igniting the childlike curiosity inside will stir up ideas unimaginable. Give yourself time to heal and let go of your fears. It’s your time.

Made by K. Williams

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