[WATCH] Founders Row: How to Collaborate as Women in Business

[WATCH] Founders Row: How to Collaborate as Women in Business

Featured Business Advice: Jessica Williams, Co-Facilitator, WiSTEM & Founder of TechBizGurl.com

Entrepreneur Jessica Williams shares practical tips for women in business and entrepreneurs. Check on the video and more tips for startups and resources below.

1 – Diversify Your Income

Have a few ways to make money in your business so that all of your money isn’t coming from one source. If you can create a digital product that folks can buy, in addition to buying your coaching service, for example, that’s a great way for you to make money while you’re working on other parts of your business.

2 – Figure Out The Best Time Of Day For Your Best Work And Protect It

If you map out your energy for a whole day, which time of day do you feel the most focused and productive? For me it’s the mornings before noon. For others it’s 10 PM at night. Whatever that time is for you, block it out on your calendar and use that time to get your best work done. Schedule everything else (including meetings) around that time.

3 – The Power Of Three Will Set You Free

At any given time, you probably have hundreds of things on your to-do list. If you have a big task, see if there is a way to break it down into 3 smaller tasks. If you always focus on your top three tasks at the beginning of every day and make sure to get those done, you will feel accomplished.

4 – Unplug. From Work And The Screens

Being a creative entrepreneur is amazing but it can also be mentally exhausting. Be sure to schedule in ways to unplug – so that you can wind down and give your brain a break. For me, I love to read a book or color. It gets me off the computer, away from the screens and lets me focus on something else for awhile.

More about Founders Row:
Founders Row is community for creative entrepreneurs of color whose mission is to provide entrepreneurs a first row seat in entrepreneurial success. Our mission is to share practical solutions and opportunities with founders representing start-ups in the tech and creative Industries through a variety of online and in-person forums.
Subscribe to the Founders Row Community here: http://bit.ly/2h0Vyig

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