[Watch]: Priya Shah Shares How to Start a Nonprofit

[Watch]: Priya Shah Shares How to Start a Nonprofit

Featured Business Advice: Priya Shah, Founder of the Simple Good

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Priya Shah shares practical tips for future founders in the nonprofit space. Check on the video and more tips for startups and resources below. Subscribe to more videos on entrepreneurship on our Youtube Channel.

1) Be True: If you go into anything with a pure heart, the world will collide to make it happen with you. Like many creatives and entrepreneurs, I have moments of fear and worry, but when you think about why your endeavor ties to your core, it puts your fears aside and forces you to refocus on why you are doing what you are doing in the first place.

2) Diversity is Everything: Understanding different types of people, cultures, languages, habits and histories gives you an advantage by enabling you to understand humanity better and therefore, furthering your impact on individuals.

3) Just Listen: Even to the topics that don’t seem directly relevant to you. In a globalized world, we are increasingly interconnected to everything – even in areas that may seem out of our box. By finding commonality in new areas, there are opportunities for innovation and larger community impact.

Your positive energy attracts positive circumstances: Stars are always in the sky, it’s up to us to look up.

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