Yes, Attractive People Can Earn More

Yes, Attractive People Can Earn More

Self-Assessment Quiz: True or False

  1. What I wore in college is okay to wear in my new role because I work in Silicon Valley and we have a relaxed dress code. TRUE / FALSE
  2. I look this way because I can’t afford to buy nicer clothes. TRUE / FALSE
  3. I usually just roll out of bed and grab the first thing in my closet. TRUE / FALSE
  4. I prefer the less-is-more look when it comes to hair and makeup, so I don’t wear any makeup. TRUE / FALSE

I know I’m going to get some hate mail for this post, but it’s my blog and my opinion, so let’s get this cold, hard truth out of the way right off the bat. “Attractive people earn an average of 3 percent to 4 percent more than people with below-average looks,” according to Daniel Hamermesh in his book Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful (Princeton University Press, 2013).

So what are you saying, Cheryl? Only pretty people get hired? Read that quote again, please. It didn’t once mention the word “pretty.” It said “attractive.” And in my opinion, anyone and everyone can be attractive, if they take the time and pay attention to how they dress, act, and carry themselves.

Why is this important? Did you read the quote? You can earn an average of 3 to 4 percent more if you just spend some time caring about how you present yourself to the world. To me, that’s the definition of attractive. And if how much you earn at the start of your career plays a critical role in how much you earn going forward, doesn’t it only make sense to get as much as you’re worth right from the start? If your looks can help with that, why not maximize them to your benefit?!

Read the full article HERE.

Cheryl Grace is the sassy aunt, best friend, and mentor you’ve always needed in your life. The successful jet-setting, global corporate executive founded the aspirational lifestyle brand Powerful Penny LLC. Her products, workshops and speeches probe, inspire and empower to ensure those who really want to can get to their next level of best. Her blogs on careers, prosperity, relationships, family, looking and living fabulously, and living a five-star life can be found at

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