How Yoncé Taught Us How to Use Our Platform to Do Good

How Yoncé Taught Us How to Use Our Platform to Do Good

Recently at the CDFA Awards, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter was spotlighted for her style. Within the past year, the creative has been vivid and vocal about her stance on certain taboo topics such as gun violence and Black Girl Magic. With making your name in an industry whether you’re an artist, musician, writer, or entrepreneur – you may feel the need to tread lightly and not make waves. However, there are ways to stand up for your rights or even shed light on an issue without losing potential investors for your brand. It just might bring you closer and assist  in building a following.

Mrs. Carter can make the world stop in an instant and actually make followers listen with projects such as her Bey Good Foundation. In true Yoncé fashion, an option for us all is to donate a portion of proceeds to a cause that means most to us. Take that passion for something that is near and dear to your heart to innovate your business or fuel others to follow suit by giving proceeds to a good cause. There’s also benefits to giving back such as tax credits and the true morality of raising awareness to an issue that a majority may not be well informed on.

Using your craft to start a conversation has always been a good source of marketing your brand and what it stands for. Beyoncé has come forth and been more vocal in regards to her sense of pride in community as well controversial topics. Highlighting issues a double-sided coin but it’s okay to agree to disagree on some matters. However as said by most, all publicity is good publicity (ahem, don’t be an idiot though). Creatives in the art world may challenge this theory the most as your final masterpiece may be critiqued or viewed as something other than your intentions. There are ways to open conversations to get your following excited about upcoming events or even get feedback which in return could help you improve. You can hold off on the hot topics or dive right in without feeling critical but as a sounding board to your target audience.

Education is key no matter who you are. One thing we can compliment Queen Bey on is that she and her team take the time to educate the crowd with all the little details for a mass response. If you are in the beginning phase of coming into your own or making a name for yourself, less is more. You are a millennial and even things that seem minor like breaking cliches of what you should be doing statistically, knocking down glass ceilings, or proving that we as a youthful generation are the opposite connotation of lazy is just the right step to take to open doors for more than just yourself. When in doubt, give to those in need. You never know whom may stand behind your philanthropic behavior.

Like Yoncé said…”Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”

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