Esh the Singer Presents: Good Vibes, Good Deeds

Esh the Singer Presents: Good Vibes, Good Deeds

Out of the immediate discomforts and rising effects of COVID-19, one Chicago artist offers immunity through music.  Though everyone is bombarded and affected by tragedy, Esh the Singer offers 45 minutes of creative release through her music series, Good Vibes, Good Deeds.  “I’m not sure what the future holds,” she says. “But if all we have is this moment, I want to make it count and make people feel anything but alone.”

With her passion, power and commitment, Esh has a history of bringing people together.  Besides having released a CD and various download recordings, Esh has performed all over the Midwest – Summerfest, Taste of Chicago, Jazz in the Park and in a host of intimate venues.  “Within the times we’re living, there has to be purpose behind what I do.  The vibes are the music, and the deeds are the results of the donations.” she explains.

On Friday, September 18th, join Esh with guitarist Matthew Wilson and bassist Bryan Mir as they treat Livestream viewers to Good Vibes, Good Deeds – a unique, personal and uplifting set to bring peace, comfort and healing.

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