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  • Personal Development

How To Write A Kick-Ass Bio

  • Instagram By Keena Renee

If you are anything like me, writing about yourself is hard AF. While, you can always pay someone to write your bio for you (like me!), I know that not everyone has that luxury. Having a bio is an essential…

  • Personal Development

5 Lessons You Must Know About Effective Leadership

  • Instagram By Besties & Brunch

Do I really know what it takes to be a great leader? Before participating in the YNPN Chicago Leadership Institute, I would’ve prematurely answered this question with an emphatic “YES!” Now that my year long program has come to an…

  • Personal Development

What To Do When You’re Stuck

  • Instagram By Am I The Only One

Am I the Only One whose ever felt stuck? Like, your “making moves” but you feel like your not going anywhere? Well friends, that’s me. Like, right now! This week was especially hard for me. I didn’t get an opportunity, that I literally…

  • Personal Development

You Make Or Break Your Life Between 5-7AM

  • By Benjamin J. Hardy

While serving a humanitarian and ecclesiastical mission at the age of 20, I learned potentially the most important lesson of my life. How you spend your morning determines your success in life. How you spend your morning determines who you…

  • Personal Development

10 Most Stressful Things About Being A Millennial

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

To those who were born between 1982 and 2002 (give or take) and know what it’s like to be born into one of the most overgeneralized groups of humans in the world, I understand the struggle. The is a list…

  • Personal Development

Who Is At The Top Of Your List?

  • Instagram By Am I The Only One

Who wants to be superwomen to everyone? No, I know I’m not. As a women, especially women of color, we constantly find ourselves solving everyone’s problems. It’s a natural thing to do. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you…

  • Personal Development

10 Characteristics Of A Visionary Leader

  • Instagram By Tim Jones

From professional failures: 60 percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy within 5 years of leaving the league. To personal hang ups: nearly 50% of smokers who’ve had surgery for early stage lung cancer go back to smoking in just a year….

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