MADE Magazine’s “How I MADE it,” is a podcast about how creative entrepreneurs can turn creativity into currency and. Led by multimedia storyteller, Jasmine Browley talks with successful entrepreneurs about how they transpired monumental success from their ideas.

Latest Episodes

Episode 20: A Chat with Professional Dancer, Ashley Everett

In this episode of the #HowIMADEIt, @jasminebrowley chats with Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett) professional dancer and Dance Captain of Beyoncé dance squad). Listen in as she shares her journey, the realities of tour life and all about her upcoming short film….

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Episode 19: How to Fail Forward

Hold the vision trust the process. In this quickie episode of #HowIMADEit host @JasmineBrowley sheds some light on how to fail forward – what to do after a major “L” and how to prepare your mind for your next move. She…

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Episode 18: A Conversation with Brand Architect, Andre Bobb

Branding expert, @AndreBobb stopped by to share how Philando Castille’s death led him to help build transmedia storytelling platform, @Royal.Mvmt and what he’s doing to articulate black stories in a different way. Link in bio. Leave A Reply

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Episode 17: The Magic of Infallible Persistence w/ Ellis Island Tea CEO Nailah Ellis-Brown

This week, Nailah Ellis-Brown, CEO of @EllisIslandTea, shared her incredible story of perseverance in her journey to propelling her company to national success before the age of 30, the life changing business advice she received from #SharkTank‘s #BarbaraCorcoran and how to grow something…

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Episode 16: The Power of Personal Branding w/ Mark Wilkins

In this episode, Jasmine Browley spoke with founder of ZN Footwear and celebrity image consultant, Mark Wilkins about how his inquisitive nature led to massive marketing and entrepreneurial success. Leave A Reply

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Episode 15: Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial

Host, Jasmine Browley talks with author of “Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial”, Eugenia Jefferson about the challenges of securing the job you love and much more. Leave A Reply

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Episode 14: Asserting Your Professional Value as a Freelancer

“How I MADE It” Podcast host, Jasmine Browley navigates 3 tips to assert your professional value as a creative freelancer. Listen in as she drops gems to take your business to the next level. Leave A Reply

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Episode 13: The Benefits of Competitor Analysis

In this episode of the #HowIMadeIt podcast, @JasmineBrowley spoke on the importance of studying the competition and how paying attention to competitors can actually help us focus more on our own journey to success. Leave A Reply

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