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Making The Leap From Full-Time To Freelance

  • Instagram By Ashlei Williams

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), 30 percent of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50 percent fail during the first five years, and 66 percent during the first 10 years. What a way…

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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Collaborating With A Friend

  • Instagram By Kris Christian

So you’re talking with a friend over cocktails and you guys come up with the next million dollar idea! You both believe that if you join forces, you can take over the world. Before jumping in head first, here are…

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MBA Graduate Pioneers The Events Industry With A Game-Changing App

  • Instagram By UrbanGeekz

Keith Wilson has successfully worked his way up the corporate ladder. The Clark Atlanta MBA graduate rose through the ranks at Ford to become a marketing manager in Shanghai, China. Then in 2017, he secured an executive role at Georgia Power where he’s now…

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Black-Owned Businesses That Should Be On Your Radar

  • Instagram By MADE

On the heels of the MADE Maven Leadership Summit, check out the vendors that will be on site at this career-changing event! From essential hair care products to eye-catching fashion, this line-up is guaranteed to pique your interest. Take a…

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6 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From An Artist

  • Instagram By Amarpreet Singh

The world is growing fast with innovations like Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence making their space and therefore, creativity is rapidly becoming the only differentiating factors among various business competitors. And just like artists, entrepreneurs must cultivate creative…

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6 Free Ways You Can Support Your Entrepreneurial Friends

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

A lot of people have ideas, but not many of those people are motivated enough to get off their butts and do something tangible with those ideas. That’s why entrepreneurs are so important; they show us that dreaming alone is…

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Meet the Founders of Social Club to Empower Millennials

  • Instagram By Jasmine Browley

Made by Jasmine Browley “We wanted to provide a space for forward-thinking young people here in Chicago that are doing things and want to do much more with the help of peer support.” -Rickey Layfield How often do we ask…

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3 Ways To Prepare Your Taxes As A Small Business Owner

  • Instagram By Lorra Brown

MADE by Lorra Brown If you put a little time and energy into preparing for the upcoming tax season, the whole process of submitting taxes could be a lot more painless than you ever thought possible. Here a few steps…

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