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  • Personal Development

Passion Projects: Your Creative Freedom Matters

  • Instagram By Lindrea Reynolds

What is a passion project? My definition of a passion project is doing something that you enjoy that gives you creative freedom and an opportunity to use your natural gifts and talents. From my own personal experience, passion projects have…

  • Personal Development

Making The Connection Before The Conference

  • Instagram By Ashlei Williams

Is your heart set on leadership or entrepreneurship? If you answered “yes,” then your eyes should be set on networking. While technology has simultaneously managed to make the world bigger and smaller, power still remains in the impact of a…

  • Personal Development

It’s Not You—It’s Your Job: 7 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

  • By Melody Wilding

For many people, the office can feel like a second home. After all, you spend the majority of your waking hours there. You probably spend more time with your co-workers than you do with your family. If you’re not happy…

  • Personal Development

Some Women Prefer Hell, Some Women Overcome It

  • Instagram By Ashley White

We all have a story, but it’s how you overcome your trials and turn them into triumph that really makes the story intriguing. After experiencing so much as a teenager, Mariah “Modi” Fair decided to pen a novel, Some Women…

  • Personal Development

6 Things You Need To Understand About The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

if you’ve got a friend or family member that’s an entrepreneur, you already know it’s far messier than what social media depicts. the courage and recklessness of it all. the grit. the ability to imagine solutions that create value. it’s…

  • Personal Development

That Dream Job Ain’t Gonna Land Itself

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz – True or False: I walk into work with a smile on my face. When I describe what I do to others, I have a feeling of joy. The work I do each day has some relevance to…

  • Personal Development

4 Ways To Become An Expert In Your Field

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

These days, everyone claims to be an expert at something. People change their bios on social media, get a couple of flyers done and buy a few sponsored posts and bam! They’re magically an expert – but it doesn’t really…

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