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  • Personal Development

4 Ways To Become An Expert In Your Field

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

These days, everyone claims to be an expert at something. People change their bios on social media, get a couple of flyers done and buy a few sponsored posts and bam! They’re magically an expert – but it doesn’t really…

  • Personal Development

#AllDadsMatter 5 Reasons You Should Honor & Respect Your Absentee Father

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

every year, social media and the marketing world goes bananas over mother’s day. there’s all types of specials and discounts being given at retailers, broadcast networks begin showing “mom” themed movies and let’s not forget the “i love mom” facebook…

  • Personal Development

46 Things I Learned In 26 Years Of Life

  • By Zdravko Cvijetic

Recently I wrote about going through a quarter life crisis, getting out of it, and I went in depth about what came out of that experience. But today I wanted to look even further and go to the earliest moments I…

  • Personal Development

Checking In With Your Mind

  • Instagram By B. Bad

The further I’ve gotten along my journey, the more that I’ve realized that your mind is both central and essential to becoming the best version of yourself, or living your best life. The way you perceive things can even shape…

  • Personal Development

How To Ensure Your Future Is Greater Than Your Past

  • By Benjamin J. Hardy

Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, is known for saying: Always make your future bigger than your past. Specifically, Sullivan said, “We remain young to the degree that our ambitions are greater than our memories.” You make your future bigger than your past…

  • Personal Development

How To Write A Kick-Ass Bio

  • Instagram By Keena Renee

If you are anything like me, writing about yourself is hard AF. While, you can always pay someone to write your bio for you (like me!), I know that not everyone has that luxury. Having a bio is an essential…

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