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  • Personal Development

3 Mindfulness Keys To Turn Stress To Your Advantage

  • Instagram By MADE

MADE Laurie J. Cameron The body’s response to stress – rapid heartbeat and breathing, narrowed vision, and a jolt of adrenaline – is an evolutionary adaptation designed to mobilize us to action. “When you have a client deadline, an exam the next day, or…

  • Personal Development

Maximizing Your Potential: Which Can Are You?

  • Instagram By Tim Jones

MADE By: Tim Jones @jonestimo Growing up, I hated canned goods. No matter how affordable my mom told me they were, or how convenient they were for producing lunch and dinner for me and my sister. I can still remember…

  • Personal Development

30 Things To Let Go When You Turn 30

  • Instagram By Tatianah Green

MADE by Tatianah Green The new year marks the start of new beginnings for many of us, including a new decade: the thirties. To some it may seem “old” or the call to be more responsible; others may see it…

  • Personal Development

What’s In Your Closet? Wardrobe Essentials for 2018

  • Instagram By Lauren Lux

MADE by Lauren Lux Now that you have your goals for the New Year, it’s important to also be dressed for success! It’s been said that when you look good, you feel good—and when you feel good, you do good….

  • Personal Development

New Year, New You: 5 Motivational TED Talks You Need to Hear

  • Instagram By MADE

MADE by Jasmine Browley  It’s that pivotal time of year again. Everything is anew, motivation is high and optimism is bountiful. With so much positivity floating around, it’s hard to choose where to start since there’s plenty of resources to…

  • Personal Development

How To Plan For A High Impact 2018

  • Instagram By Stacy Ike

Start Each Day Off With Intention “It’s so easy to wake up and immediately check our phones for emails, social media updates, text messages or all of the above. But, how we start the day inevitably influences our productivity. Spend…

  • Personal Development

Jeannie Mai Keeps it Real About MS and Confidence

  • Instagram By Jasmine Browley

MADE by Jasmine Browley  For more than a decade, Jeannie Mai has provided her TV viewers and countless social media followers with pointed self-improvement advice through down-to-earth fashion tips. As of late, however, the styling expert is getting more personal….

  • Personal Development

How to Make the Best of the Rest of the Year.

  • Instagram By Jasmine Browley

Made by Jasmine Browley From the outside, Cortney McDermott had it all: High powered career, loving husband, beautiful daughter. All of the items on the #LifeGoals list was firmly checked off. Except one…happiness. “I was doing all the things that…

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